Choosing a type of roof can be daunting at times. After all, you are choosing for your future, so you want it to be secure and long-lasting. And when you need some peace of mind regarding the choice, you can refer to this quick guide that distinguishes among the various types of roofing materials available to homeowners as well as commercial space owners.

1.  Asphalt roll

Ask any Rockwall Roofing Company for a durable alternative, they will suggest asphalt roll right off the bat. The reason is that asphalt roll is best suited for flat-pitched roofs where the laying is easier as compared to a slope. So rolls of asphalt are laid along the length of the roof in an overlapping fashion to form a durable roofing system. Such a roofing system lasts for over 10 years.

2.  Clay

If you are living in a region prone to severe heat, then clay roofing is the best option for you. The reason is that clay has cooling properties. So it keeps your interiors cool without the need for extensive air conditioning.

3.  Slate

Also on the list of long-lasting roofing materials, slate is the most prominent too. It can be a bit on the higher cost side because of its extreme durability. It is made from actual stone, which makes it the perfect roofing companion in rough weather.   

4.  Metal

Metal roofing works the best for any kind of house. It is also the preferred roofing material for industrial constructions. Ideally, you can mix it up with other roofing material for spots prone to rot and mold. 

5.  Wood shake shingle

If you have availed a Roof Repair Service in Rockwall, you might know that wood shake shingle is better than just the plain old wood shingle because of its high durability. However, the constant maintenance needs may discourage you otherwise.   

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