A deck is perhaps a perfect place to entertain, relax and spend time with your friends & family.

So, it is important to maintain the deck on a regular basis if you want it to look like brand new.

For this purpose, it is important that you hire a good Rockwall deck builder.

They would help you clean the deck in an efficient manner.

Moreover, they would make sure that the deck is in the right shape such that you don’t have to deal with any safety issues.

One such company that can provide you with efficient service is Rockwall Roofing Pro. They have great experience in this field and they are regarded as one of the best Rockwall Fence and Deck builder.

So, in this blog, we would talk about how to clean a deck in an efficient manner.

• Try Sweeping
Over the period of time, it is seen that the finish of the deck eventually breaks down.
The deck gets aged naturally by weather & sun.

Other than this, water can be penetrated into the wood through which mildew & mold can be build up.

So, if you want the deck to last for longer and perhaps preserve its beauty, then fresh sealer application & annual cleaning should be done.

To start off, you can take the flower pots & furniture from the deck and sweep it such that dirt & leaves are removed.
Apparently, you can make use of a putty knife as well as a screwdriver to remove any kind of debris that might be struck in between the boards.

• Wash the debris away
In this step, it is recommended that you wash away the debris using a hose and a power jet.
Just make sure that the water stream from the power jet is strong enough to wash the debris & dirt away.
However, you should keep in mind that the water stream from the spray is not very hard or else the deck boards can get damaged.

• Apply the cleaner
In the next step, you ideally need to use a standard deck cleaner such that the stains can be removed.
You just ensure to follow the directions as some of the cleaners want the deck to be wet before applying.
Apart from this, make sure that the plants are covered before you eventually start the process.
You can ideally use a brush broom or a paint roller such that the cleaner can be applied.

• Seal the deck
Sealers safeguards the deck by preventing the ultra-violent rays to fall on the deck.
Other than this, it prevents mildew & mold to form on the wood.
Also, it safeguards the deck from the water damage.
So, the last thing that you can possibly do is seal the deck using a roller.

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